My name is LeOndra but I go by LeO. Welcome to my Capstone Project page! There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, this page is dedicated to mapping out my plans leading up to graduation in Fall 2020 from ASU's Fashion Program. We hope you enjoy our site and feel free follow my progress! 


Capstone Content


My idea to officially launch my clothing brand Loveur by having a fashion show that includes a launch party displaying previous looks, new looks and items for sale. Functioning website, for sales and a social media presences. 

I am interested in doing this project because this is my passion and overall goal in life is to be a designer. I want to jump all the way in, even if I have to work for another designer like Michael Kor’s did, I will continue to create for myself, my brand, Loveur. 

The theme is Loveur Expressive Awesomeness– I choose this because the clothes I tend to design are festive and eccentric. I am exploring launching my brand because this introduces both business and design as my capstone project. 

I want to execute my launch through several events; 

· Uncertainty Fashion Show – Spring 

· Phoenix Fashion Week Spring into Style– Spring

· Community Service - Free Prom Dress  for High School Student– Spring

· Launch Party/Fashion Show (indepedent)–  Fall 

· Website Ready for Sales - Fall 

· Professional Published Portfolio - Fall 

I am an emerging fashion designer, increasing my portfolio with professional photos, actually selling a few garments and preparing myself to be in a position where I can be taken seriously as a designer. 


Push myself beyond my mental blockers and actually sell some of my garments. People have asked to purchase from my but fear of failing or not being good enough sets in. Want to put together a professional portfolio so I can I potentially work at an established designers brand while I am still trying to push my brand to my target market. I want to learn more about the industry. 


Sell at least 3 Garments at a 50% profit 

Build a Website Available to Receive Sales 

Fashion Show/Launch Party 


Learn More

Learn more about my capstone project, including objectives, target customer, proejct schedule and operating cost. check out course assignment documents for addtional information

Course Assignments

Provided are documents required for FSH 497 Fashion Capstone Development Spring 2020 

Captsone Introduction (docx)


2020 Loveur Schedule (docx)


Mood Board Spring 2020 (jpg)